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Bohemian Braised Pork Chops


Tender pork chops cooked with red cabbage, apples, and a hint of caraway. A delicious memory of a winter holiday in beautiful Prague. (stovetop)

30 Minutes Stovetop Calories

Cooking Instructions
(stovetop): If frozen, thaw in fridge. Heat 1-2 Tbsp. canola in a frypan over medium-high heat. Lightly brown chops on both sides, then remove from pan. Add cabbage mixture and cook approx. 2 min. until cabbage softens. Nestle chops into cabbage, add water (FULL – 1 cup, SPLIT – 1/2 c.). Reduce heat and simmer, covered, 25 min. or until chops are tender (internal temp. 160F/71C). Remove chops & cabbage to a platter, increase heat to medium-high and cook until any remaining liquid is reduced. Drizzle over chops.

Boneless pork chops, red cabbage, apple, diced onion, cider vinegar, brown sugar, dry parsley, garlic puree, beef broth, thyme, caraway, salt, pepper

Nutrition Facts

6 Servings Per Main Dish

Amount Per Serving
Calories 362
Total Fat 10g
Saturated Fat 4g
Cholesterol 75mg
Sodium 258mg
Total Carbohydrate 28g
Fiber 1g
Sugar 27g
Protein 20g
Weight 6 kg
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