Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you get your recipes?

We develop our own recipes, testing and re-testing them in our kitchens. Our families and staff are our taste-testers and they’re tough critics. No recipe goes on the SupperWorks menu until it gets the Testers’ stamp of approval.

I’ve never particularly enjoyed cooking, so what makes this different?

A very common meal prep FAQ. At SupperWorks, we eliminate the time-consuming, less enjoyable aspects of cooking, such as meal planning, frantic shopping trips, washing, peeling, chopping, the “after-work-what-should-we-have-for-dinner” dilemma and most of the mess. We add in some music, camaraderie, helpful staff who clean up after you, the satisfaction of preparing delicious and nutritious meals and the time to enjoy them with friends and family. We also provide you with complete yet very easy to follow cooking instructions, so there is no guesswork when it comes time to cook the meals. We make it easy for busy people to eat well. That’s what makes us different!

I really enjoy cooking, so why would I use your service?

Many of our customers love cooking. Foodies tell us that they come to SupperWorks for lots of different reasons – they’re too busy to prepare quality meals every day, they’re stuck in a food rut, they want to try new recipes without investing in lots of new ingredients, they like it that we clean up after them, they enjoy our staff and beautiful, clean kitchens and because they have fun at SupperWorks!

What should I bring with me if I prepare meals at SupperWorks?

You don’t need to bring containers, as each recipe either goes into Ziploc bags or foil containers. We’ll lend you an apron, but you should still wear clothes that wash easily. It helps to have a cooler or laundry basket to transport your meals home. We recommend coolers, particularly in hot weather or if you have a long drive.

Do I cook my meals at SupperWorks?

Your SupperWorks meals will be assembled but not cooked. You cook them at home using our easy-to-follow instructions.

What if I have to cancel my session?

Please call us immediately. We would be happy to reschedule or give you a full refund if you cancel at least 4 days in advance. With less than 4 days notice, we’ll already be purchasing your groceries so we can’t give you a refund, but we can prepare your meals for you so that you can pick them up (additional fees apply).

If I’m making meals at SupperWorks, do I have to follow the recipes exactly?

We’ve pre-portioned the meats, but other than that, go ahead and double up the garlic, omit the onions, cut back on the salt or add an extra sprinkle of cheese. It’s your dinner, make it the way you and your family like it! Remember though, we’ve tested the recipes as-is and can’t vouch for the results should you decide to triple the hot sauce.

How long does it take?

You can assemble 12 meals in about 2 hours, or 6 meals in about an hour. It’s fast because we’ve already done the grocery shopping, washing, chopping, grating, broth-making, etc.

What if I just can’t squeeze in the time for a session?

We’ll gladly prepare the meals for you to pick up or we can deliver them right to your door. Additional fees apply.

What about side dishes?

Our SupperWorks sides, appetizers, and desserts are the perfect easy accompaniment for your delicious SupperWorks meals.

So you can help me with everyday eating. What about holidays and entertaining?

It’s so unfair when the host does all the shopping, prep, cooking, and clean-up while everyone else relaxes and has fun. That’s why we developed our Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, Valentine’s and Summer BBQ Packages. With appetizers, main dishes, sides and dessert included, it’s never been so easy to serve a special, multi-course meal.

Is SupperWorks expensive?

Our recipes are designed to cost either less than or the same as if you were to buy all of the ingredients at the grocery store. The cost of a SupperWorks session or pickup should directly reduce the cost of your monthly grocery bill and that’s not counting all of the valuable time you save every month on meal preparation. Also, with SupperWorks, you eliminate food waste – no ingredients left in your fridge and no need to buy a whole bottle of an ingredient when you only need 1/4 tsp. In a customer survey, 88% of respondents said that, since using SupperWorks, their monthly food bill has either gone down or stayed the same.

How should I thaw my meals?

We recommend defrosting in the fridge. Although individual appliances vary, our full-sized meals generally take 1-2 days to thaw in the fridge. Half portions generally take one day. Remember to cook the meals within 2 days of defrosting.

I’m confused about the proper internal temperatures for cooking food safely. Can you help me?

According to current food safety guidelines, the minimum internal cooking temperatures are as follows: Fish 158°F/70°C; Pork 160°F/71°C; Whole Poultry 180°F/82°C; Ground Poultry or Poultry Pieces 160°F/74°C; all other Ground Meats 160°F/71°C. A probe-style meat thermometer will easily give you these readings.


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