Have you ever had a crazy day where you wind up eating expensive take-out because you’re just too busy for meal planning?

Have you ever actually calculated the amount of time you put into grocery shopping, prepping ingredients, cooking, and cleaning up?

Have you ever watched a chef on a cooking show and said “They make it look so easy! If I had somebody else do all the work for me, I could do that too.”

SupperWorks can help

At SupperWorks, we’ve revolutionized home-cooking with bulk, on-site meal planning and assembly. We create delicious monthly recipes, do the shopping, the washing, the chopping and the clean-up. Our kitchens are fully stocked with premium-quality, restaurant-grade meats and produce.

Choose Your Meal Solution

You Prepare: Enjoy a premium SupperWorks experience as you travel from station to station assembling the meals of your choice. All the recipes, freshly-prepared ingredients, kitchen tools, containers, and easy cooking instructions will be ready and waiting for you.

We Prepare: Order from our tantalizing monthly menu. We’ll prepare the dishes you’ve selected and have them ready for you to pick up.

We Prepare and Deliver: SupperWorks food delivered straight to your door. We’ve already done all the work with fully prepped meals and side dishes ready to cook or pop in the freezer.

Prepared Meal Packages: Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine’s, and Easter. Get out of the kitchen and enjoy the day with friends and family. Our fully-prepared Holiday Meal Packages include the main course, side dishes and dessert. They’re what we serve our families on those truly special days.

Side Dishes and Desserts: The perfect complements to SupperWorks main courses. Hand-prepared and ready to add to your order.

Meals for One: SupperWorks favourites, ready in only 5 minutes. A perfect lunch or dinner for students, singles, seniors or people on the run.

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