Canada’s Original Assembly Kitchen

Since 2005, SupperWorks has been offering its customers an easy and affordable way to prepare delicious meals without the hassle of researching recipes, shopping or prepping ingredients. We’re an established company that’s been in business since before the craze of meal kit delivery companies or restaurant delivery services.

The SupperWorks Story

Joni Lien was a busy mom in Oakville when she heard about meal assembly kitchens, which were gaining popularity in the US. She was intrigued by the concept and although she was not the entrepreneurial type, she took a leap of faith and opened the first SupperWorks location in November 2005. Today, SupperWorks continues to help people plan and prepare healthy, homemade meals through our 2 centralized locations, serving the GTA and Ottawa.

Flexible Meal Process

We Prepare for Pick Up: Order from our monthly menu and we’ll prepare the dishes you’ve selected and have them ready for pick up.

We Prepare and Deliver: SupperWorks food delivered straight to your door. We’ve already done all the work with fully prepped meals and side dishes ready to cook or pop in the freezer.


Main Dishes: Each of our main dishes contain 6 servings, which is perfect for families. You also have the option to split orders into two three-serving portions for no additional charge.

Side Dishes and Desserts: The perfect complements to SupperWorks main courses, we have a variety of hand-prepared side dishes and desserts to your order.

Meals for One: SupperWorks favourites, ready in only 5 minutes. A perfect lunch or dinner for students, singles, seniors or people on the run.

Smoothies & Breakfast Casseroles: Just whirr in the blender or pop in the oven!

Package Meals: Seasonal packages for Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Thanksgiving and Easter in addition to summer cottage and picnic packages.

Meet Your Ontario SupperWorks Team

SupperWorks Oakville (GTA)

Owner – Joni Lien

SupperWorks Ottawa

Franchise Owner – Alison Kelly-Quesnel

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