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Ottawa - Kanata

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Asian Chicken Noodle Soup (stovetop).


An easy 1-pot meal, featuring tender diced chicken, Napa cabbage, water chestnuts, egg noodles and Asian-inspired seasonings. Mild or spicy, it’s up to you. Multi-grain rolls included. (stovetop)


Buttermilk Oven-Baked Chicken (oven).


Locally raised, boneless, skinless chicken breasts dipped in buttermilk and a crunchy crumb topping. Crispy on the outside, moist and juicy on the inside, an all-time SupperWorks family favourite! (oven)


Cheddar-Jack's Black Bean & Brown Rice Wraps (oven or freezer-to-microwave).


Fibre-rich black beans and brown rice, gooey-good cheddar-jack cheese, onion, and red pepper tucked into whole wheat tortillas. Delicious, filling, and ready in minutes. (oven or freezer-to-microwave)


Cranberry Chicken Pot (3-4 quart crockpot or stovetop).


Come home to comfort food! Tender chicken thighs in a tangy blend of our homemade BBQ sauce, cranberry sauce, celery and onions. White or brown rice included. (3-4 quart crockpot or stovetop)


French Onion Salisbury Steaks (stovetop).


All-Canadian lean ground beef patties simmered with home-made French Onion Gravy. Family-friendly comfort food. Try with our Asiago-Herb Mashed Potatoes! (stovetop)


Herbed Shrimp with Pasta (stovetop).


Shrimp, garlic, and fresh rosemary are a treat for the taste buds in this fast-cooking favourite! Pasta (white, whole wheat, or gluten-free) and Parmesan cheese included. (stovetop)


Lebanese Shepherd’s Pie (oven).


A SupperWorks riff on a time-honoured classic. Lean ground beef & Mediterranean grilled veggies topped with a layer of fluffy mashed potatoes. We love the hint of cinnamon. Nice with our Savoury Herb Quick Bread. (oven)


Moroccan Turkey Meatballs with Coconut Marinara (oven).


NEW! Made with gorgeously seasoned fresh Ontario Turkey meatballs, this surprising Moroccan-Italian fusion is a new Taste-Testers’ Favourite. Just toss in the oven at home! (oven)


Pan-Seared Haddock with Remoulade Sauce (stovetop).


Perfectly seasoned Ocean Wise haddock! The sauce is laced with herbs and the crunch of chopped pickles. YUM! Rice (brown or white) included. Try with our Creamy Peas & Orzo. (stovetop)


Parmesan Chicken Fingers (oven).


An all-time kid favourite returns! Local chicken tenders marinated in seasoned buttermilk, then dipped in a crispy parmesan coating. Our Sweet Potato Fries make a nice addition. (oven)


Pork Chops In Adobo Sauce (stovetop).


A Mexican standard – artisanally butchered and prepared chops simmered in a smokey tomato sauce – seasoned with onion, garlic, cinnamon and cumin. Robust and easy! Try with our Southwest Buttered Corn. (stovetop)


Quinoa Veggie Stew (3-4 quart crockpot).


Butternut squash, chickpeas, zucchini, and edamame gently seasoned with a little ginger and turmeric, all simmered together in a tasty broth. Stir in quinoa (included) and you have an absolutely delicious one-dish meal. (3-4 quart crockpot or stovetop)


Rosemary Pork Tenderloin with Apple Sauce (oven and stovetop).


Fresh Ontario pork tenderloin in a savoury apple-rosemary marinade, served with made-from-scratch apple sauce. Easy, different, delicious! Finish with a SupperWorks dessert! (oven)


Three "B" Stew (3-4 quart crockpot or stovetop).


That’s beef, beans, and beer. A hearty, Tex-Mex stew loaded with veggies and topped with a sprinkle of French fried onions. A meal in a bowl. Beautiful with our Savoury Herb Quick Bread. (3-4 quart crockpot or stovetop)


VEG. Chick’n Chops - Chops in Adobo Sauce (stovetop).


Our vegetarian version of Pork Chops in Adobo Sauce. Made with veg. “chick’n breasts.” (stovetop)


VEG. Three "B" Stew (3-4 quart crockpot or stovetop).


Our vegetarian version of Three “B” Stew. Made with additional black beans and veggies. (3-4 quart crockpot or stovetop)



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