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Asian Beef Wraps (stovetop).


All-Canadian lean ground beef and cabbage sautéed in a mouth-watering hoisin-sesame sauce, then wrapped in warm flour tortillas. A fun, 15-minute stovetop supper and customer favourite! (stovetop)


Beefy Bacon Caesar Burgers (grill or stovetop).


Bacon, parmesan, garlic, and “lite” creamy Caesar dressing - in big, juicy, beefy hamburgers. Enjoy! Whole wheat hamburger buns included. (grill or stovetop)


Ben Hai Beef (grill).


Our tasters smacked their lips and had seconds of our ever-popular flat iron steaks, infused with lime juice, garlic, ginger, a little chilli paste, and a wee touch of fish sauce. Yum! (grill)


Cajun Shrimp & Corn (stovetop).


NEW! Flavourful with just a bit of heat, a meal in a bowl served with rosemary focaccia for soaking up the broth! (oven)


Caribbean Pork Tenderloin (grill or oven).


This quick-cooking dish pairs a Caribbean-inspired spice rub with artisinally-prepared pork tenderloin. One of our most-requested customer favourites. (grill or oven)


Creamy Tex-Mex Chicken Pot (3-4 quart crockpot).


Come home to the aroma of tender Ontario chicken thighs slow-simmered with onion, garlic, corn and mild green chiles. A touch of cream cheese makes it delish! (3-4 quart crockpot). Try it with our Savoury Herb Quick Bread.


Fresh Asparagus & Smoked Turkey Frittata (oven).


Seasonal fresh asparagus, smoked turkey breast, shredded potatoes, and a little parmesan baked in a tempting one-dish brunch or light dinner. Serve with apple juice (included). (oven)


Goat Cheese & Artichoke-Stuffed Chicken (oven).


NEW! Ontario-fresh chicken breasts stuffed with tangy goat cheese, artichoke hearts and sun-dried tomatoes. Just pop in the oven! (oven)


Haddock with Tarragon Caper Butter (stovetop).


Sustainable haddock filets pan-seared and topped with our spectacular herbed butter. So flavourful! Rice (white or brown) included. (stovetop)


Lemon Rosemary Chicken (grill or oven).


A Mediterranean classic! An herb and lemon-infused butter tops marinated, locally-raised boneless, skinless chicken breasts. (grill or oven)


Pasta with Tomato-Vodka Sauce & Chicken (stovetop).


Our rendition of a popular restaurant dish. It’s lip-smacking delicious! Parmesan cheese and egg noodles included. (stovetop).


Portobello-Pepper Burritos (Oven or freezer to microwave).


Sautéed Portobello mushrooms tucked in whole wheat tortillas with roasted red peppers, brown rice, and Monterey Jack Cheese. Cooks in minutes! (oven or microwave)


Siracusa Susan's Veggie Lasagna (oven).


Layers of pasta, roasted vegetables, and ricotta & mozzarella cheese, with traditional Sicilian salty-sour accents of capers and lime juice. Delicious memories from a spectacular holiday! (oven)


Turkey Hummus Pitas (stovetop).


Say “YES!” to Ontario Turkey! Ground turkey patties flavoured inside and out with beautiful, garlicky hummus and Middle Eastern seasonings. Whole wheat pita bread included. (stovetop)


VEG. Asian "Ground Round" Wraps (stovetop).


Our veggie-lovers’ version of Asian Beef Wraps. Made with plant-based ground round. (stovetop)


VEG. Lemon Rosemary "Chick'n" (grill or oven).


Plant-based “chick’n” in a Mediterranean classic . (grill or oven)


VEG. Pasta with Tomato-Vodka Sauce & Chick’n (stovetop).


Our vegetarian version of Pasta with Tomato-Vodka Sauce, made with vegetarian “chick’n” breasts. (stovetop).



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