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Toronto - Leaside

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Argentinian FlatIrons with Chimichurri Marinade (grill).


“Chimichurri” is a pesto-type sauce made with lots of herbs and garlic. It brings out the best in our tender, quick-grilling Flat Iron Steaks. (grill)


Bacon-Pineapple Cheddarburgers (stovetop or grill).


Beautifully decadent! Lean ground beef studded with cheddar cheese and diced bacon (optional), then topped with grilled pineapple and peameal bacon. Whole wheat hamburger buns included. (stovetop or grill)


Ginger-Lime Chicken Kebabs (grill).


Skewers of fresh, Ontario chicken breast in a summery ginger-lime marinade. A quick-grilling treat for the whole family! (grill)


Greek Market Stew (3-4 quart crockpot or stovetop).


Back by request! A satisfying combination of diced beef, onions, tomatoes, and green pepper, topped with feta (optional). A Mediterranean classic! (3-4 quart crockpot or stovetop)


Honey-Lime Chicken Thighs (grill).


Fresh, Ontario chicken thighs marinated in lime juice, honey, cumin and cilantro. Not too tangy, not too sweet. Just right! (grill)


Lemonade Grilled Chicken (grill).


Lemonade is a great summer sipper, but this time, try it on the grill! Naturally air-chilled, boneless, skinless chicken breasts marinated in lemonade concentrate and the perfect blend of seasonings. (grill)


Pan-Seared Haddock with Remoulade Sauce (stovetop).


Perfectly seasoned Ocean Wise haddock! The sauce is laced with herbs and the crunch of chopped pickles. YUM! Rice (brown or white) included. (stovetop)


Pasta with Bocconcini and Fresh Tomato Sauce (stovetop).


Fresh tomatoes, basil, caramelized onion, garlic and melt-in-your-mouth bocconcini. An Italian classic! (stovetop)


Pasta with Goat Cheese & Turkey Marinara (stovetop).


NEW! The creamy “tang” of goat cheese and fresh Ontario turkey bring marinara sauce to new culinary heights! Pasta included. (stovetop)


Pork Chops on the Rocks (grill).


Take your pork chops to the grill, then treat them to this fabulous citrus and tequila glaze. Margaritas anyone? A crowd pleaser! (grill)


Pork Tenderloin with Tangy Blueberry BBQ Sauce (grill).


Blueberry BBQ Sauce? Sounds odd, tastes great! Lots of berries, juicy pork tenderloin. Good stuff. (grill)


Tarragon Chicken Burgers (grill or stovetop).


Give your locally-raised chicken burgers a little “French flair” with tarragon, Dijon mustard, and green onions. Ooh la la! Whole wheat hamburger buns included. (stovetop or grill)


Thai Shrimp Curry (stovetop).


A quick and easy version of a restaurant favorite. Plump shrimp cooked in a full-flavoured coconut-green curry broth. Brown or white rice included. (stovetop)


VEG. Chick’n with Tangy Blueberry BBQ Sauce (grill).


Our vegetarian version of Pork Tenderloin with Tangy Blueberry BBQ Sauce. Made with veg. “chick’n breasts.” (grill)


Veggie-Licious Stuffed Red Peppers (oven).


Bright red pepper halves stuffed with a hearty filling of brown rice, chickpeas, cheese, mushrooms, and seasonings. A hit with both our vegetarian and non-vegetarian testers! (oven)



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