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Asian Beef Wraps (stovetop).


All-Canadian lean ground beef and cabbage sautéed in a mouth-watering hoisin-sesame sauce, then wrapped in warm flour tortillas. A fun twist on Asian-inspired cuisine and one of our all-time customer favourites! (stovetop)


Bay of Bengal Shrimp (stovetop).


Tender shrimp pan-fried in a subtly tart-sweet blend of onion, tamarind sauce, cilantro, and other Indian flavours. Mild, medium or fiery - it’s up to you. One of our favourites. Basmati rice included. (stovetop)


Blueberry Turkey Burgers (stovetop).


Gorgeously-seasoned ground turkey breast studded with blueberries! Savoury and a little out of the ordinary. Top with our homemade, pickled red onion for that extra WOW-factor! Whole wheat hamburger buns included. (stovetop)


Caramel-Raisin French Toast (oven).


Perfect for an easy yet special brunch, this is the best of French Toast and sticky buns all in one. Peameal bacon or veg. sausage included. (oven)


Caribbean Pork Tenderloin (grill or oven).


Sunshine on a grill! This quick-cooking dish pairs a Caribbean-inspired spice rub with lean and delicious pork tenderloin. One of our most-requested customer favourites. (grill or oven)


Chicken Burritos with Chipotle-Citrus Aoli (stovetop).


A fresh-tasting blend of chicken, quinoa, corn and cheddar-jack cheese, all tucked into whole wheat tortillas. Ready in minutes! (stovetop)


Chicken Tortilla Soup (stovetop).


Yay! It’s Back! This soup packs big flavour with tomatoes, spices, corn tortillas, and chunks of white chicken meat. A meal in a bowl! (stovetop)


Creamy Herbed Chicken (stovetop).


Naturally air-chilled boneless, skinless chicken breasts sauteed in a creamy, lowfat apple and herb flavoured sauce. (stovetop)


Greek Feta Burgers (grill or stovetop).


Loaded with feta cheese and perfectly seasoned, this is a truly outstanding burger. Whole wheat hamburger buns included. (grill or stovetop)


Lemon-Pepper Chicken Fingers (oven).


Lemon zest adds a refreshing flavour to our lightly crispy panko coating. “Unfried,” family-friendly, and delicious, they’re a sure hit at the dinner table. (oven)


Pan-Seared Basa with Tomato Cream Sauce (stovetop).


A light-tasting white fish, pan-seared then simmered with cream, tomatoes, and dill. A little decadent, but oh, so good. White or brown rice included. (stovetop)


Pasta all'Amatriciana (stovetop).


A rustic dish of humble ingredients – bacon, pasta, white wine, tomatoes, and cheese - with addictive results! Family-friendly and delicious. (stovetop)


Quinoa Veggie Stew (3-4 quart crockpot).


Butternut squash, chickpeas, zucchini, and edamame gently seasoned with a little ginger and turmeric, all simmered together in a tasty broth. Stir in quinoa (included) and you have an absolutely delicious one-dish meal. (3-4 quart crockpot or stovetop)


Siracusa Susan’s Veggie Lasagna (oven).


NEW! Yes, there’s a long story behind the name! Layers of pasta, roasted vegetables, and ricotta & mozzarella cheese, with traditional Sicilian salty-sour accents of capers and lime juice! Happy memories of a beautiful day. (oven)


VEG. Asian "Ground Round" Wraps (stovetop).


Our vegetarian version of Asian Beef Wraps. Made with veggie ground round. (stovetop)



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In the SupperWorks meal assembly kitchen, you'll prepare quick and easy dinners in a fraction of the time it would take at home! Who knew that meal preparation could be so easy and so enjoyable? Canadian owned and operated.