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Pasta with Turkey Sausage and Artichoke Hearts & Basil


Lean, all white meat turkey sausage in a robust but family-friendly sauce. Pasta (white or brown) included. (stovetop)

15 Minutes Stovetop Calories

(stovetop): IF frozen, thaw completely in fridge. Cook pasta (included) in boiling water; drain but don’t rinse. Brown turkey sausage over medium heat in a frypan or skillet, breaking up sausage with a fork. Stir in sauce and 1 c. water (Split Orders add only 1/2 c. water). Reduce heat. Simmer 5 min. Stir often & add a little water if necessary. Toss pasta with sauce, sprinkle with parmesan (included). Suggested Sides: Crispy Ciabatta Rolls with Herbed Garlic Butter, a green salad.

Turkey sausage (turkey, water, paprika, red cayenne, nutmeg, black pepper, garlic, toasted wheat, salt, chilli powder), crushed tomatoes, artichoke hearts, white wine, sundried tomatoes, IQF basil, olive oil, garlic, pepper, parmesan cheese, pasta

Nutrition Facts

6 Servings Per Main Dish

Amount Per Serving
Calories 526
Total Fat 8g
Saturated Fat 2g
Cholesterol 47mg
Sodium 613mg
Total Carbohydrate 75g
Fiber 9g
Sugar 3g
Protein 33g
Weight 6 kg
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