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Franchise Information

SupperWorks is a member of the Canadian Franchise Association

Brand and Mission

SupperWorks is committed to contributing to the well-being of our community by helping our clients make healthy, wholesome food choices while enjoying more time for family and friends. SupperWorks aims to be the flagship brand in Canada for the meal prep industry by providing a premium experience for our customers - right from when they log on to the website, to the time they come in the store, and finally when it comes to enjoying their home cooked SupperWorks entrees. We want to deliver excellent value at all levels for our customers while making their lives easier at home.

Industry Information

According to Entrepreneur Magazine's Franchise 500 (2006), "[The meal prep industry] is, hands down, among the top franchising trends for this year." Since the first meal-prep stores opened in 2002, over 700 outlets have appeared in the United States. Capitalizing on the busy schedules of today's families and the strong need for nutrition, the industry now has estimated revenue of $270 million US. We have researched the industry and have incorporated its best practices into the SupperWorks system. SupperWorks position as the first Canadian meal-prep business to offer franchises provides a unique opportunity in this market. A SupperWorks franchise provides an avenue into this rapidly growing industry with the support of a proven system that is already in use. Our premium customer experience is the key to our long-term success.


The SupperWorks brand represents the unique combination of delicious, healthy food recipes, convenience, and the in-store experience. Each recipe is developed and tested by our chef and then tested in our own trials. Recipes are designed to provide our customers with nutritious meals they can be proud to serve while bringing their loved ones back to the traditional family dinner. In today's high paced world, we all seem to turn to fast food and store bought frozen entrees in order to cope with the pressures of time. SupperWorks provides real innovation in home cooking with a healthier and family friendly alternative designed to improve quality of life. Our System ensures that each franchise provides our customers with the same great convenience and enjoyable experience. The in-store experience allows people to spend their time enjoying music and camaraderie while producing great meals for their families.

Choosing Franchisees

We are looking for franchisees to share our vision and mission. Do you believe that you can deliver what we expect for your customers? Do you have a passion for entertaining and good food? A SupperWorks franchise may be the right opportunity for you!


You should be prepared for initial costs of $250,000-$300,000. This includes setup fees, construction, equipment and training.


Although we may identify specific local markets for the development of new SupperWorks franchise units, you have responsibility to source the actual location. We can assist in certain aspects such as evaluating the location and designing the store. After receiving approval for the location, you are responsible for securing the site subject to the requirements of the Franchise Agreement. Each franchise location is assigned a trade area. No other franchises may occupy this territory.

Royalties and Advertising Fund

Franchises remit a monthly royalty of 5% of gross sales. Contributions to the advertising fund are $2,000 per month for the first year and 2% of monthly gross sales thereafter. In addition, you are required to spend one percent (1%) of your gross sales on your own local or regional advertising.


We make no assurances or guarantees as to the sales levels, costs, income and/or profit potential of any given franchise unit and/or the franchise business in general.


Prior to the commencement of operation of the franchise, you must attend and successfully complete the current training program. Training is provided in two separate components. The first component consists of classroom and hands-on training at the head office and training facility, usually during the one to two months prior to commencing operation of the franchise business. The second component consists of hands-on assisted training, on-site at your location within one month of opening. You may be required to attend additional training to change, update or improve the operational policies and procedures of the franchise system. We provide you with a confidential operations manual to guide you in the operation of the business. You are obliged to comply with the manual which is subject to amendment from time to time as we may deem necessary.


As a SupperWorks franchisee, you join our commitment to contribute to the well-being of our community by helping our clients make healthy, wholesome food choices while enjoying more time for family and friends. Interested and qualified applicants, please email info@supperworks.com or call 1-866-946-1926 to request an application.

In the SupperWorks meal assembly kitchen, you'll prepare quick and easy dinners in a fraction of the time it would take at home! Who knew that meal preparation could be so easy and so enjoyable? Canadian owned and operated.