Meal Planning for a Variety of Diets

SupperWorks is a flexible meal option that is fully customizable—making it the perfect choice for people with a variety of dietary needs.  

Family-Friendly Dinner Ideas

It can be hard for families that are accustomed to eating out to adjust to dinner at home every night. 

How to Introduce New Foods to Your Kids

Between picky eaters and busy schedules, you might rely on tried-and-true meals to get dinner on the table quickly. However, it’s important to expose kids to a variety of foods at a young age to help them develop healthy eating…

Prepared Meals Still Available Through SupperWorks

SupperWorks is committed to providing our customers with the same, high-quality meals you’ve come to expect during these uncertain times.

SupperWorks Easter Dinner Package

Complete Easter meals are now available to order through SupperWorks! Choose between our Prime Rib or Ham package and spend more time with friends and family and less time in the kitchen! Each package easily serves 8 and is available…

Dinner Ideas When You Can’t Cook

For some people, cooking comes naturally, but for many others, it’s a skill that has to be learned and developed over time. If you’re not comfortable in the kitchen, you don’t have to settle for restaurants or takeout. SupperWorks has…

Meal Prep with SupperWorks

To successfully meal prep, you need to be organized. Researching recipes, grocery shopping, prepping ingredients and then assembling takes a lot of planning; however, even with the best-laid plans, meal prepping can take up your whole weekend.

Get Dinner on the Table in Less Time

Everyone’s busy and we could all use more hours in the day. To get dinner on the table in less time, let us take care of ALL the time-consuming tasks of meal prep so you can spend more time around…

Canadian Owned and Operated Meal Delivery Service

There are many meal delivery services, but not all are created equal. If you’re looking for:           ✅Generous portions sizes (6 servings per main dish)           ✅Homemade food that can be customized…

Popular Side Dishes

Side dishes don’t always get the praise they deserve, but the right side can elevate the whole meal. We’ve rounded up some of the most popular side dishes to serve with your next family meal.

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