Easy and Affordable Self- Catering Option

Over the years, we have helped SupperWorks customers with their mealtime challenges. We were the first assembly kitchen company in Canada, providing pre-prepped ingredients and well-researched recipes so busy people could still eat healthy, homemade meals. We gradually added other…

Give the Gift of Homemade Meals

SupperWorks offers electronic gift cards for purchase on our website. Gift cards can be redeemed at any of our locations for in-store, pick up or delivery, and can be used for any of our meals. These gift cards are perfect…

Pick Up Healthy Meals For One at SupperWorks

SupperWorks is known for our fresh ingredients, friendly staff and family-sized main dishes. Our customers love that we offer flexible meal solutions for their busy lives, but not everyone knows we also offer homemade Meals For One that are the…

Easily Try Different Types of Cuisine with SupperWorks

Do you want to cook different types of cuisine but don’t know where to start?

No Prep, No Stress Thanksgiving Meals

Thanksgiving is about a month away—so it’s time to start thinking about the menu and how you’re going to feed all the friends and family gathered around your dinner table. 

Earn Free Meals with SupperPoints

We like to reward our customers. We also don’t want to make things complicated. That’s why we created SupperPoints. It’s our rewards program that automatically helps you earn free meals—with no sign-up or card required!

SupperWorks Meals for an Instant Pot

As September approaches and we welcome the cooler weather, many people will be turning to their slow cooker for meals. If you’re a SupperWorks customer, you know that our menus will be filled in the coming months with recipes specifically...

Best Meal Service for Active Retirees

If you’re retired, you might have come to the realization that you’re busier now than when you were working full time. Many active retirees spend their days immersed with new hobbies, travelling, spending time with friends or family or pursuing…

No-Prep Dinners for Busy Summer Nights

Summer is short, so why spend it in the kitchen preparing homemade meals every night? You don’t have to settle for takeout or delivery just for the sake of convenience. With just an hour of planning, you can enjoy no-prep…

Why SupperWorks is a Unique Meal Prep Company

SupperWorks literally takes the work out of supper. We take on all the messy, time-consuming aspects of meal prep that can prevent people from enjoying homemade meals.