SupperWorks Waterloo

Owned and operated by Candace Wagner

Why Candace Opened a SupperWorks Location

I was a young, busy working mom. I worked a 9-6 job with travel and young kids. We were always on the go and something didn’t feel right—I had no quality time left for myself or my family. A friend of mine read about the meal prep concept and through some research found SupperWorks. Immediately I was hooked! I loved that I could go to the kitchen with friends and make nutritious suppers that would help our busy house during the week. It allowed me to make great use of my time.

When I was faced with going back to work after my second child, I knew I didn’t want that same busy way of life. I wanted to do things on my terms and I saw bringing SupperWorks to Waterloo as a way to help me achieve my goal. I knew there were many people in the region that were experiencing the same challenges as I was and by bringing SupperWorks to Waterloo I would be able to help them have some fun and eat better.

Opening the SupperWorks Waterloo kitchen was very busy for the first few years but once we got going with the right people in the right places, I was able to achieve a better balance of work/home life, and I love being able to help our customers enjoy good food!


283 Northfield Dr E #9B, Waterloo, ON N2J 4G8

Community Involvement

At SupperWorks Waterloo we host workshops with speakers from our community. Everything from healthy eating tips, dealing with picky eaters, and learning about food sensitivities to solutions for kids lunchboxes at back to school time. I have found our workshops to be a great way to connect to our community. It helps to get people more involved in what they eat. It is important to support local businesses and by inviting local speakers into the kitchen our customers learn what services we have in the region to help support them.

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