SupperWorks Oakville

Owned and operated by Joni Lien

Why Joni Started SupperWorks

I really, really, really love good food, and some of the happiest times in my life have been spent around the dinner table with family and friends. As a kid, I loved poring over cookbooks and making special dinners, and I remember sometimes rushing home after school to try out a new recipe. But somehow, along the way, the pressures of daily life took away my joy of cooking. More often than not, my husband and I relied on the drive-thru and restaurants. When I thought about the family meals I’d enjoyed as a child and the time and love my grandma or my parents put into those meals. I knew I couldn’t justify those food choices any more – poor nutrition, high expense, general lifestyle – I wanted to do better for my family.  

It all changed with a short article in Oprah Magazine, which mentioned “meal assembly businesses” as a way to save money over eating out at restaurants. Fast-forward 6 months. There were no meal assembly businesses in Canada, and the major US company wasn’t interested in crossing the border. The idea of easy, nutritious, delicious pre-prepped meals resonated so strongly that after some market research, a trip to the bank, a complete career-change, and a lot of creative thinking, we created SupperWorks – 100% Canadian owned and operated – and I’ve never looked back.


283 Northfield Dr E #9B, Waterloo, ON N2J 4G8

Community Involvement

Each SupperWorks location is a hub of the community. It’s a gathering place for people to make healthy meals, a party venue for everything from bridal showers to the Holiday party, a business resource for employee and customer appreciation events, and a fundraising venue for our customers’ favourite charities and organizations (schools, sports teams, etc.). We’re also out and about, making donations to many local charities and organizations, and volunteering at community events.  The mission of SupperWorks is “to contribute to the well-being of the community by helping clients make healthy, wholesome food choices, while enjoying more time for family and friends.” These are the words we live and work by, every day.

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Meet Your Local SupperWorks Team

SupperWorks Oakville

Owner – Joni Lien

SupperWorks Leaside

Franchise Owner – Susan Patterson

SupperWorks Etobicoke

Franchise Owner – Sherry Mcleod

SupperWorks Orleans

Franchise Owner – Alison Kelly-Quesnel

SupperWorks Nepean

Franchise Owner – Alison Kelly-Quesnel

SupperWorks Kanata

Franchise Owner – Alison Kelly-Quesnel

SupperWorks Newmarket

Store Manager – Michelle Marshall 

SupperWorks Waterloo

Franchise Owner – Candace Wagner

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