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We’ve revolutionized home-cooking with on-site meal assembly. Delicious monthly recipes without the shopping, washing or cleaning. Our kitchens are fully stocked with premium-quality fresh produce and restaurant-grade meats. Easily enjoy delicious and nutritious home cooked meals. 

Easy on-site meal assembly with delicious recipes without the hassle of shopping, washing or cleaning up.


Each meal consists of 4-6 servings

As low as


Book an in-store visit and assemble meals to your specifications.


Each meal consists of 4-6 servings

As low as


We can assemble your order on-site and have it ready for you to pick up.


Each meal consists of 4-6 servings

As low as


Freshly prepared meals delivered right to your door.

Your Ideal Meal Solution

Select from over 14 different recipes each month and choose your ideal meal solution: in-store, pick up or delivery.

In our assembly-kitchen,
you can prepare healthy and fresh meals without the hassle of ingredient shopping, prep or clean-up.

Featured Meals

1-Dish Fish ‘n Spud Bake

Shrimp Garlic Herbs on Rice

Beef Flats Dust & Herbs

Pasta with Turkey Sausage and Artichoke Hearts & Basil

Smoothie – Positively Peachy

Hearty Beef’n Barley Stew

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