Your Meal Solution

Healthy, homemade meals
from $6.25 per serving

Your Meal Solution

Healthy, homemade meals
from $6.25 per serving

Hover Box Element

Hover Box Element

Save Money and Assemble In-Store

  • Fresh, seasonal, restaurant-quality recipes
  • All ingredients washed, chopped and prepped
  • Containers and cooking instructions provided
  • Assemble a month’s worth of meals in an hour

Hover Box Element

Hover Box Element

Save Time with Pick Up or Delivery

  • Fresh, seasonal, restaurant-quality recipes
  • Meals are assembled to your specifications
  • Dishes are individually packaged and labelled
  • Enjoy meals right away or store in the freezer

How It Works


Book an in-store visit and assemble meals to your specifications.


We can assemble your order on-site and have it ready for you to pick up.


Freshly prepared meals delivered right to your door.

This Month’s Best Sellers

Honey-Paprika Glazed Flat Irons

Roasted Pumpkin and Wild Rice Wraps

Cheddar Bacon Mini-Meatloaves

Veggie Pumpkin Chili

Balsamic Pork Tenderloin


Tilapia with Thai Chili Sauce

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Customer Reviews

Based on 453 reviews
Barbara D.
01:16 28 Aug 19
Meals from Supperworks are delicious, the preparation time at the store and then at home is quick, and the staff at the store are friendly and helpful. The ingredients are fresh and the meals nutritious. Investing approximately 90 minutes once a month gives me 12 meals for three people and all we need to do at home for most meals is cook and add a vegetable and starch.
Amanda S.
15:08 14 Aug 19
I have been going to Supperworks for years and years. This is hands down the best meal-preparation service that there is. Whether I come with friends as a social event, or on my own, I am always happy with the meals I bring home.
Lauren D.
22:06 08 Aug 19
This is what I’ve lived off of for years, love the food and the staff!
info Stay Active R.
20:28 08 Aug 19
Great concept, quality and amazing healthy food at a good price. Love this place! I'm a vegan and they have great vegan options 🙂
Kresen T.
05:25 24 Jul 19
I grew up eating SupperWorks meals as a kid. They saved me from week- long KD and tv dinner binges in university, and today, they provide a quick and easy way to make fantastic food when I'm tired after a long day of work. I love that I can still find my favourite dishes as well as something new each month. The team is very friendly and the atmosphere always positive! Will keep going back time and time again!
Luka M.
05:08 24 Jul 19
Love Supperworks! great food, great staff! Makes cooking up an amazing meal easy and enjoyable. really recommend this place
Keira T.
15:34 15 Jul 19
I've been eating SupperWorks meals for 11 years and I can honestly say that I would be lost without them! It started as just the every day meal and sure they were delicious but as a child, I never truly appreciated how easy it was for my family to get a healthy and delicious meal on the table. Then I moved away for University and it all hit me. If it weren't for SupperWorks, I wouldn't eat nearly as healthy as I do. I got a little chest freezer and now I'm able to have quick and easy meals, while still being healthy and maintaining my crazy school/work schedule! It saves me so much time from groceries, to prep, and even the cooking process! Thank you SupperWorks, for keeping me happy and fed and eliminating the worry from my parents about what I'm eating!
Kimberley F.
12:57 09 Jul 19
SupperWorks Ancaster offers the perfect solution for my busy family. The staff are absolutely wonderful and go out of their way to make the experience fun and quick. I've used them for Thanksgiving dinner, I've brought my kids for a cooking experience, and I've even gone as a date night with my husband. It's always fun and the meals are fresh, easy and delicious!
Jaco U.
16:36 29 Jun 19
Great place for food preparation
Viv L.
17:10 22 Jun 19
Ive been coming here for years and this place is amazing! Cut my prep time by half and of course the meals are also delicious! Best part is, Ingrid from Supperwork is always so friendly and helpful. Highly recommended =)
Rose M.
19:54 20 Jun 19
We began using SupperWorks in 2011 and love it. The food is delicious and the staff are amazing. We can make 12 meals in less than an hour and it’s such a timesaver having the meals in the freezer ready to go.
Heidie S.
21:22 17 Jun 19
Well let's just say they do what they say!! Helping busy people eat well! I work full time,3 kids and a home so life gets busy there packages are big and a great pricing as well! LOVE the option of just popping in and grabbing a meal on the way home. Keep up the great work! Love the new website
Sarah W.
23:39 11 Jun 19
Supperworks is so easy and delicious! Ingrid and Paula were so helpful! I have been to Supperworks before and will definitely come back.
Sonny M.
00:49 09 Jun 19
Supper Works is just amazing! So far I've only prepared meals from Supper Works To Go and I can honestly say they are the best meals I've ever prepared at home. That also comes from my family!Thank you Susan. Looking forward to being a regular.
Diane C.
01:39 08 Jun 19
I have been going to SupperWorks Etobicoke for 2 years. It's been great!. They take away the stress of driving home and trying to plan my dinner and grocery list for the night. A great solution to eating healthy and no time to plan and shop for food. Cooking the meals are so easy.
Sean S.
15:45 07 Jun 19
I had a great time assembling some meals recently and the food is REALLY good with lots of variety to choose from. I love to cook, but I don't like chopping, or cleaning up and I always end up wasting so much. This is a great way to save time and money - there's no way I could put together six meals this quickly for the amount of money I paid. I'm looking forward to my next visit!
Jodi G.
01:49 07 Jun 19
I love Supperworks so much!!! As a busy small business owner my world gets exhausting trying to take care of work and the house and still have time for some sort of life! It has saved me so much time over the last many years I've been using them! The best part is I never have to wash more than one dish after dinner!! The whole process is super simple and all the recipes I've tried are delicious too! My personal favourite is the Lemon Chicken with Orzo! It's so good!! Each month there is a great variety of menu items to choose from as well and their sides are fantastic! Now they even have smoothies and dessert! The staff are really helpful and friendly and the prices are reasonable too! I highly recommend it for anyone who needs more time and wants to eat delicious food. Whether your a busy parent, or single, I can't praise Supperworks enough!!!
Heather L.
21:09 06 Jun 19
Always a great experience! And makes meal planning so much easier!
Luc-Rock P.
14:10 06 Jun 19
We have used SupperWorks many times over the past 5 years and really appreciate how easy it is to create several meals in a short amount of time. Having SupperWorks meals in our freezer has been a life saver when our kids were born!They are also great with dietary restrictions. I have Celiac disease and they provide a gluten-free menu (on demand), with clear instructions on what needs to be substituted and what cannot be adapted.We also love the meals themselves. They are very tasty and on par with what we would prepare at home. It's also very nice that you can adjust the ingredients based on your preferences (e.g. less spicy, more pepper, etc).
David B.
23:24 05 Jun 19
Great place we have used it many times. Have even ordered prepared thanksgiving feast and it was great. Our girls love most of the dishes as they are extremely tasty.
Carol S.
20:43 30 May 19
Excellent way to get nutritious and delicious food for your family. All the staff are so helpful and the products are of the highest quality.
Vanessa D.
01:16 30 May 19
Supperworks Oakville goes above and beyond for its clients. Excellent location, friendly staff and amazing service.
Kate L.
00:13 23 May 19
Great food and friendly staff. Very helpful at checking ingredients for allergies and making changes where necessary.
Tracy B.
00:49 21 May 19
Love the meals!
Ian L
15:38 11 May 19
Delicious and high quality food, friendly and great service!
Adrienne C.
13:56 11 May 19
84th visit. Great meals, great staff, great facility and hassle free dinner prep between visits! I have done some of the other meal prep services where they deliver to your house each week but they require too much prep each evening and take up too much room in my fridge. SupperWorks is a much better value for the money, both serving size and time wise.
Glenda S.
19:29 04 May 19
This place is AMAZING! A way to eat HEALTHY when you are BUSY and who isn't these days...Even better, your dinner tastes like you have been in the kitchen all day, but you haven't. You can go and assemble your dinners for the month with no grocery shopping, clean up, or waste, or You can order your dinners and have them DELIVERED to toss in the freezer or stop in on the SAME DAY and pick up something FRESH to cook TONIGHT in minutes!!!! NO ADDITIVES and not a lot of added SALT.
Julie M.
02:10 02 May 19
Preparing meals at SupperWorks is a wonderful time I share with my son. We both love it and the food and quality of ingredients are fantastic! We have been going for several years and our most recent session was great. Sherrie who works there was lovely and a huge help!
Lisa T.
02:42 01 May 19
Great to do with the kids. Friendly staff, clean facility and good food 🙂
Jennifer N.
02:18 01 May 19
In and out within an hour every time. Such a great option for quick and easy weeknight dinners that taste great.
Margaret Y.
01:19 01 May 19
Great selection and easy ordering process - looking forward to our first pick-up.
Marco C.
01:35 30 Apr 19
We've been using SupperWorks for almost 2 years. It has been a huge help for us with 2 young children and busy careers. We always get the meals prepared for us which is a huge help and worth the extra fee. This makes busy work nights easier for sure.
Deb G
17:58 29 Apr 19
Always a great experience and wonderful customer service at the Oakville SupperWorks!
Nicholas L.
17:13 29 Apr 19
I have been to Supperworks for many years. It saves our family a lot of time. The food is healthy and affordable. I highly recommend it.
Sarah R.
15:11 29 Apr 19
Friendly staff, clean facility - and so satisfying to walk away with so many prepped meals in with just an hours' work! Thank you SupperWorks Kanata! 🙂
Andrea C.
01:33 29 Apr 19
Easy, tasty, inexpensive balanced meals made in minutes...
00:33 29 Apr 19
We have been coming to this location for years and truly love it. Stacey & her team do a fabulous job assisting when needed. Nice atmosphere to prepare your meals. As someone who hates cooking...Supperworks Ancaster is so helpful. Love the variety of the menus every month. Definitely helpful to any family for healthy meal options.
Arlene G
22:14 28 Apr 19
This location is clean and efficient. The staff is always friendly and the meals are great.
Ellen C.
17:12 28 Apr 19
I have been using Supperworks Ancaster for years and I love it. The entrees taste really good and ingredients are excellent quality. Ancaster Supperworks is well organized and it is always a pleasure to make meals there.
Gary S.
14:30 27 Apr 19
We have been coming to Supperworks once a month for nearly 5 years and have never been disappointed with the food or service. Very friendly staff help you get started and make it a breeze to finish
Mary M.
18:56 26 Apr 19
Great way to make healthy meals without the mess. Variety of meals each month to pick from eliminating fast food eating. Love the location and staff.
Olga M.
03:13 26 Apr 19
I love this place! Recommended to everyone who loves delicious and healthy food!
Heather W.
02:56 26 Apr 19
We have been customers for a few years now and love Supperworks It's great to have a healthy, appetizing meal on those nights where nothing is planned.
Catherine G.
00:00 26 Apr 19
Good friends, making good food. Thanks for another great night Supperworks! 😊
Monique V.
15:40 25 Apr 19
I love Supperworks! Makes for easy meals at the cottage or anytime I just need dinner to be easy. The meals are always so delicious!
Debbie J.
15:24 25 Apr 19
Staff is friendly, areas always clean, can work at a good pace.
Tillie C.
01:09 25 Apr 19
Very handy to have Supperworks meals ready to go in my freezer. Lots of meal choices provides some variety in the meals that I make. Staff are helpful and place is clean.
Craig H.
21:36 24 Apr 19
A fabulous way to serve healthy food to your family when life is super busy! An incredibly helpful staff make the process of assembly all the more enjoyable. The quality of the meats and vegetables is also very impressive. Would recommend to anyone!
Audrey M.
02:20 24 Apr 19
Love Supperworks, it's simple, organized, efficient and the dishes are all so delicious. saves time, less preparation and messy clean up and you have the option of omitting any spices or items you may not want/like.Used Supperworks for easy, simple meals not only for meals for the family but also at the cottage or for dinner guests for over 6 years!Staff is also so wonderful, helpful and pleasant!
Jane T.
00:33 24 Apr 19
Having gone a few times, I've appreciated the friendly and helpful staff. I quickly felt comfortable and at home. The food is tasty, easy to prepare and the facilities are spotless.
Kelly Z.
19:14 23 Apr 19
A fun easy way to do meal planning and the kids love it.
Lesley A.
15:44 23 Apr 19
I find Oakville Supperworks to be clean, organized and the staff are very friendly and helpful. A real time saver.
Karen N.
01:39 23 Apr 19
Quick and easy to prepare a few weeks worth of meals. Everything is laid out ready for you in stations as you prepare meals that can be frozen and easily cooked at your convenience.
Élaine E.
21:12 22 Apr 19
(Translated by Google) I have been going to Supperworks for over 3 years and this has transformed my life. It's convenient and the preparation of the meals so simple. In addition everything is super tasty. I just love it!(Original)Je vais chez Supperworks depuis plus de 3 ans et cela à transformé ma vie. C’est pratique et la préparation des repas tellement simple. Enplus tout est super goûteux. J’adore!
Stacey M.
15:46 22 Apr 19
Easy set up, clean environment and yummy and diverse and menu selections.
Janine P.
13:17 22 Apr 19
Great options for Quick Meals that get the whole family engaged! In fact, when I was dealing with a special situation, they helped me accommodate a vegan option for a meal I'd ordered. They always go out of their way to help!
Alice N.
03:06 22 Apr 19
Easy meals for our busy work life. Fun to put together in store. Wish it was a bit cheaper but worth it for the convenience.
Corinna B.
23:59 21 Apr 19
I've been to Supperworks occasionally but decided for Easter weekend we would try the full Easter Dinner. We were going away with my parents and brothers (7 adults, one teenager and two small children) and wanted to have a good home cooked meal but not spend hours in the kitchen. Everything was very easy to put together and it was delicious!!! All fresh ingredients with generous portions and we had the leftovers for lunch the next day which were just as good! Highly recommended for anyone who wants to make their lives a little bit easier!! Thanks Supperworks!
Meadowlands P.
12:20 21 Apr 19
Supperworks Ancaster is an absolute life-saver for us! The meals are fantastic and super easy to prepare. We have never been disappointed in any meal we’ve made. For a busy family with active kids, Supperworks gives us the opportunity to provide delicious and nutritious meals our whole family loves. And of course, Stacey is amazing! I highy recommend Supperworks Ancaster!
Rebecca G.
02:39 21 Apr 19
I have been attending the Oakville SupperWorks for almost 8 years. It takes the edge off cooking for my family! I highly recommend it. The food is delicious and it forces me to try new things.
t P.
15:38 20 Apr 19
So simple, so delish..... As a smaller family, we do not have all the ingredients required to make these dishes, and I can control what I want to put in our food. What more can a busy lifestyle ask for!
Catherine P.
14:07 20 Apr 19
I love it here!
Marisa H.
23:56 19 Apr 19
Great! Wonderful hostess, relaxing atmosphere and great meals.
Anna D.
19:13 19 Apr 19
I absolutely love coming to the Oakville SupperWorks store! Everyone is always so kind, friendly and welcoming. No matter how I feel when I arrive, I leave feeling very happy and proud of my accomplishment!
Erinn C.
15:18 19 Apr 19
I have been going to Supperworks for over 10 years and love bringing these meals to the cottage. So simple to prepare, loaded with fresh vegetables and good cuts of meat!
Matthuschka S.
12:12 19 Apr 19
I have been coming to the Leaside Supperworks location for many years and is simply part of my monthly routines. From a family of 5 to now just 2, it still is my saving grace. Even when I was on a weight loss journey, I was able to eat with the family because you control what you order and how much sugar and fat you add to the meals. I will miss it when I move to Yellowknife this summer!
Dawn P.
23:00 18 Apr 19
I have been coming for almost 5 years and it is fantastic. Not only can you get meals that you can cook fast (for those busy weeknights) but they are so delicious! The staff are really great, helpful and friendly and the facility is very clean and well organized. I really enjoy coming here and my family loves the food!
Danielle P.
22:54 18 Apr 19
I love the Supperworks in Orleans so much, I still come back to this location even though we don't live in Orleans anymore! They go above and beyond to be helpful, even when I show up without my meat eater and don't want to touch some of the meat items - lol! There customer service is excellent, the store and prep areas are always immaculate and they serve me a glass of wine - what's not to love! Oh, and I get at least 6 meals plus left overs that I don't have to worry about or do much work to get on the table, which helps so much on weeknights with a busy kid in sports!
Val C.
17:47 18 Apr 19
I have really enjoyed all the meals I've gotten from Supperworks. The food has always been fresh and tasty. The meals also come with clear instructions so even someone like me (with almost no cooking skills) can prepare them. The people who work here (I'm not sure if maybe I'm dealing with the owner) have also been super nice.
Tracy Y.
17:43 16 Apr 19
Love how easy this makes dinner time in my house. Our family is so busy and all of these meals are quick and easy to prepare.
Joe G.
17:05 16 Apr 19
Great Way to Save Time & Still Eat Well!We have them put the meals together for us and then all we have to do is put them in the oven, or freeze and cook later. Great job SupperWorks Oakville!
Carol W.
16:40 16 Apr 19
Staff are friendly and helpful. Ingredients are top-notch and we always look forward to our Supperworks dinners, not just for the time saved but for the taste!
Jean G.
14:57 16 Apr 19
Options to split a wide variety of freshly prepared meals with friends or family is a huge incentive.
Davida F.
13:53 16 Apr 19
Convenient, fast and fun! A great way to prep meals in advance for the family.
Debbie N.
03:35 16 Apr 19
Supperworks takes the thinking out of meal planning and I love coming home with 6 (or 9 or 12) suppers to go in my freezer that I have put together myself (so I can omit a spice/ingredient that my kids don't like). The "kitchen" they have is a great environment with all of the ingredients pre-chopped, someone else does the clean-up for me, and I can even enjoying a glass of wine while I assemble my meals!
Carter S.
02:02 16 Apr 19
Always organized, clean and helpful
Jami-Lynn S.
01:49 16 Apr 19
I always look forward to my Supperworks order. I do a lot of cooking and baking but this is my chance to try something different and it really gives me a break on the nights I serve my Supperworks. It’s wonderful to have the ingredients all ready for preparation. I’m so thankful for Supperworks.
Trudy M.
22:55 15 Apr 19
Have been doing SupperWorks for many years. Love the concept, the recipes, the convenience & the staff at the Leaside location.
Claudia C.
17:48 13 Apr 19
Very convenient to prepare high quality meals in a short time. Good selection of entrees and side dishes available, including dessert. Well managed - staff pleasant and always available to assist as required.
Mary L.
14:49 12 Apr 19
This place is great. We've tried Hello Fresh and Chef's Plate but keep coming back to Supper Works. There meals are great. You have the flexibility of full or split meals and the time to start cooking once you want to use a meal is about all you'll have to do.
dawn M.
00:05 10 Apr 19
It was a great experience, easy to do
Elizabeth G.
22:59 09 Apr 19
Great food, very fresh, and clear cooking instructions. All around perfect solution for a great dinner during the work week.
Jane M.
15:57 09 Apr 19
I think Supperworks is great. I can choose meals with my family that I know they like. Once I have the meals home I just pull them from the freezer as needed for a great easy dinner. This has significantly cut down the eating out and we are all eating more healthy.
Andrea S.
15:12 09 Apr 19
This service has been a life-saver! As a busy mom of three, I need meals that are kid-friendly, easy to prep and balanced - Supperworks is all of that and then some. From placing the order to pick up and payment, the process is seamless and you can even do it online. The owner Sherry is a delight, as is Connie! Thank you both for making dinner times great again.
Elizabeth B.
14:53 09 Apr 19
Have been a customer since they opened. Stress free way to entertain.
Lori J.
13:20 09 Apr 19
I've been a loyal SupperWorks customer for many years. I have prepared my own meals on site, ordered the Easter and Thanksgiving meals and picked up 'Fresh-to-go' items they have on hand. Very handy to schedule a session prior to going to the cottage. You don't need to think twice about what to make. The staff at this location are very friendly and helpful. They were great at making the dessert offered in an Easter package Gluten free. 2 thumbs up in my books!
Ross & J.
12:51 09 Apr 19
Love love love Supperworks. Great food, clean and bright atmosphere to prepare meals in. Staff are super. This saves our family time on those busy weeknights when we are trying to get out the door to an activity
Courtney S.
02:01 09 Apr 19
I had a blast prepping meals. The facility is clean and the staff are friendly and helpful. I just love that I don’t have to prep my own veggies and clean up my own kitchen.
Sue S.
00:23 09 Apr 19
We've been to Supperworks several times in Newmarket and enjoyed the experience as an activity for me and my husband, or one of us and our 20-something daughter. The preparations are top notch, the prep areas are very well stocked and clean, and the staff are helpful, but also just let you enjoy your own pace at each station. The recipes we have selected have been very good across the board. It's a great way to stash healthy and interesting meal options in the freezer and then a lovely dinner for 4 whenever you want!
Christine G.
22:16 08 Apr 19
Love the menus, love that the prep work is done, love that someone (not me) tidies later. Everything is so clean and organized. A definite time saver!
Danielle C.
21:15 08 Apr 19
Was just able to "cash in" my SupperPoints for 12 free meals! What a great way to keep me coming back! Staff is super friendly and accommodating and it has become a monthly date for the three of us. Thanks for everything!
Glenna Y.
01:50 08 Apr 19
Clean, organized and delicious recipes!
Jen P.
23:17 07 Apr 19
Clean, quick and friendly! Great place to make healthy meals to take home for your family!
Peter S.
22:47 05 Apr 19
I've heard great things about SupperWorks. We received a gift card to try it out and are now looking forward to eating what look like very delicious meals. Website was fast and easy to use. $25 off first order which was nice, we were able to purchase a couple more sides and some smoothies!
Laura S.
18:09 05 Apr 19
Clean, great food, staff are wonderful.
David S.
01:53 05 Apr 19
I very much enjoy the convenience of preparing meals at Supperworks. The meals are delicious and the prep work is all done ahead for us. I can prepare 12 meals in less than an hour!
Beverley S.
23:01 04 Apr 19
Website easily navigated
Doug W.
21:02 03 Apr 19
What a wonderful place to visit and to work in. Michelle, the manager is an absolute delight as are her staff. Our monthly visits are great fun - and teh food we bring home is delicious.
Sue J.
15:59 03 Apr 19
great meals, so nice to have them ready to cook!
Jane C.
22:08 02 Apr 19
Good food. Easy to prepare. Much better than the boxed food in the mail.
Ron M.
13:58 02 Apr 19
always friendly and helpful staff. Food is great and a huge time saver for our family
Michelle Ben Z.
11:31 02 Apr 19
I have tried other Suppeworks locations but the Newmarket one is my regular location. The staff are always super helpful and friendly. The space is open and roomy and the portions are always plentiful. The meals are delicious. My family gets so excited every time I tell them I'm going to Supperworks.
Susana A.
15:19 01 Apr 19
Always a great experience preparing meals at SupperWorks Nepean. The staff is always friendly and available to help or answer questions 🙂
Melanie C.
01:59 01 Apr 19
We love the food from supper works! We have our favourites and it's a great way to try new things as well. It's easy to order online, prep in store or have them prepare and I pick up. The food freezes really well. I love being able to prepare a great meal at home without a lot of hassle. I'm a regular customer!
Wendy B.
00:04 01 Apr 19
great experience and a lot of fun preparing delicious meals.
Rebecca M.
21:10 31 Mar 19
I have been using Supperworks in Etobicoke for many years now. We had tried many services like this until we found this one. It is perfect for us. The meals are delicious. We get them prepared for us, and I just pick them up. We are a family of 2, so we get split orders, which means 3 servings per bag, so 1 order of 6 servings gives 2 portions. We have favourites that come up each month that we look forward to. This month in april we love the chicken snitzel with lemon butter sauce.
Alexis T.
18:55 31 Mar 19
This is a fun way for my mom and I to spend a Saturday morning. We love the meal choices and the ease that the meals bring to busy weeknights.
carrie D.
13:28 31 Mar 19
So nice to have stuff in the freezer for those days you just don't want to or don't have time to think about dinner and the food is always good!
Sherry W.
14:35 30 Mar 19
I can highly recommend he Nepean SupperWorks location that I occasionally visit. The site is extremely clean and well-organized, the staff are super friendly and helpful, and the quality of the food items is top notch. As a busy single parent, I have often benefitted from SupperWork's ability to made our lives a little less frenetic while simultaneously facilitating the preparation of tasteful, healthy meals.
Lisa C.
00:07 30 Mar 19
A go to for me to help balance work, my daughter's extra curricular activities, and life!
Bonnie L.
19:30 29 Mar 19
Michelle makes us feel so welcome. It is clean, organized, and well run! The meals are great too.
Chris W.
14:57 29 Mar 19
Food is always fresh and delicious and staff is always wonderful, pleasant and very helpful when needed.
martine S.
00:44 29 Mar 19
Supperworks is Awesome! Love this place and my family believes that I am the best cook ever!!Thank you for existing!!
23:57 28 Mar 19
I love Supperworks. It makes dinner planning so easy and the meals are yummy. And friendly staff too.
Monique S.
23:30 28 Mar 19
I absolutely love going with my girlfriends to the Ancaster location. They are so organized and the facility is so clean. My family loves Supperworks!
Katrina A.
18:54 28 Mar 19
Everything is always great at SupperWorks Etobicoke. All the staff is super friendly and extremely helpful. The meals are delicious!
Bonnie Jean M.
14:01 28 Mar 19
Have been using Supperworks for many years. Always satisfied with the product and service.
Suzette Mitchell P.
01:05 28 Mar 19
The food is delicious and healthy, 14 different entrees to choose from every month. Sherry and her staff are fantastic.
Dawn M.
22:23 27 Mar 19
Amazing and friendly staff. Quality of food is great.
Danielle T.
11:43 27 Mar 19
Wonderful experience preparing my meals at Supperworks Oakville! Staff is extremely friendly but for the most part it’s just a relaxing way to prep meals. Food is fresh and portions are expected. My child loves to come with me too!
Shane W.
22:20 26 Mar 19
SupperWorks makes meal planning so easy ! No thought needed ! Easy to prep in store with everything right in front of you and already portion and chopped and staff are always helpful and friendly.
Celina S.
17:15 26 Mar 19
Very friendly staff; lots of choice of healthy meals; easy to assemble meals.
Paul P.
22:53 25 Mar 19
SupperWorks Kanata is awesome! The meals are delicious, the prep time at home is very reasonable, and the online ordering is extremely user friendly. We highly recommend it.
John W.
16:38 25 Mar 19
We have been going to Supperworks for many years and always enjoy their offerings. While there are always new items on the menu, we have some favourites which we are glad to see back again! All easily prepared using the detailed instructions and they even suggest sides. I find that the fixed portions and nutritional information helps me to lose/maintain my weight even while eating a great selection of food. The staff in Kanata are friendly, professional and always make sure the place is spotless.
Patricia M.
20:57 24 Mar 19
Looking forward to my choice of dinners this week. Good variety. Easy to order.
Tracy R.
13:28 24 Mar 19
Love the variety, quality of ingredients and friendliness of the staff. I’ve been a long time member for these reasons!
Rhonda G
14:59 23 Mar 19
SupperWorks meal planning and preparation has made my life so much easier! The meals are well thought out, fresh and tasty.
Fran T.
14:55 23 Mar 19
Have been prepping my meals at SupperWorks for over 11 years. I can’t imagine my crazy busy life without it. See you next month!!!
Daniel R.
01:48 23 Mar 19
The staff is always friendly and helpful.
Ms. K. D.
14:12 22 Mar 19
Delicious and convenient: my family really enjoys our Supperworks meals. In fact, the Pumpkin Lentil Lasagna is becoming a Boxing Day tradition. Great quality! Thank you.
Noelle M.
11:34 22 Mar 19
I’ve been a SupperWorks customer for about 3 years at the Nepean location. SupperWorks is a great concept! I spend a little over an hour prepping and leave with a bunch of healthy meals to enjoy over the next few weeks. The staff are always helpful and friendly. It’s nice to have all the ingredients at your fingertips pre-chopped and also having no cleanup on my end.There is a lot of variety on the monthly menu and I also like that our favourites return every few months for us to enjoy again. It’s so easy to pull out a couple meals for the week and leave in my fridge to thaw out for an easy meal prep after work. I highly recommend it to my friends and family.
10:46 22 Mar 19
We have been using Supper Works for approximately 5 years now and I can honestly say the meals are amazing. I am always impressed with how flavourful the meals are, Unfortunately the specifics of the spices, marinades, etc are closely guarded secrets, believe me I've tried, Jonie is not talking. My personal favourite is the Teriyaki Flat Iron Steaks. Keep up the good work Supper Works.
Rocco Z.
02:34 22 Mar 19
Happy, Helpful staff members always willing to assist during my Saturday morning pick-up for my GF package which is not pre-ordered, but always available or modified to suit my requirements. Cooking is a breeze and ready in 15-20 minutes, and my 16 year old son can even prepare it if I am running late.
Scott C.
00:14 22 Mar 19
I've been making delicious meals here for a few years now. I'm a busy guy, so I definitely would not eat as healthy if I didn't have Supperworks!
Bob W.
22:37 21 Mar 19
This is the 2nd time at Supperworks. Everyone there was super friendly & helpful and I loved having 3 dinners ready in my freezer.
21:04 21 Mar 19
Great first experience! Staff was very friendly and helpful. So clean and organized. Excellent quality of ingredients. We had three family meals prepared in 15minutes.
Speedie D.
18:38 21 Mar 19
Great facility, fresh ingredients and amazing staff makes for a great experience and a nice time. End result is some great meals. Who could ask for more.
Andrea P.
13:29 21 Mar 19
gotta say, supperworks makes my life sooooo much easier. plus their ingredients are so fresh !!! who knew herbs and spices were supposed to smell so good folks at the oakville location are amazing !
Teresa F.
11:49 21 Mar 19
SupperWorks meals are my go to for unexpected or last minute visitors when I have no idea what to make and little time to shop. The meals are a hit with my guests and also provide vegetarian options. In addition, our weekly meal options get more interesting as there is always something new to try!
Jonathan M.
00:40 21 Mar 19
I love how easy the whole process is, we can usually get 9 meals prepared in less than an hour. My wife and I have been coming here for years, we were actually Sherry's very first customers when the store first opened up 11 years ago in their original location. The staff are super friendly and helpful. The meals are great with easy to follow instructions our kids even don't mind helping with the cooking part. Food quality is excellent and generous portions for 4 people. The only difficult part is remembering to take the meal out of the freezer the night before, 🙂
Connie W.
22:09 20 Mar 19
SupperWorks is amazing! So convenient and allows me to spend more time with my family. The variety of entrees are delicious and a wonderful change from having our same meals over & over again. Sherry and her staff are very friendly and helpful.
Callie H.
22:03 20 Mar 19
Fast and healthy meals for families who are going in many directions. I appreciate that Supperworks can provide to families who are gluten free.
josie B.
19:01 20 Mar 19
Highly recommend Supperworks! Delicious, healthy meals; excellent monthly menu choices and friendly, courteous staff.
Marte B.
17:18 20 Mar 19
I was looking for a good and easy solution to preparing meals because I am a busy traveling business woman. Supperworks created split meals for me and this has been the easiest and fastest solution so I can eat good and tasty meals. I am so pleased with my discovery of Supperworks for my meal solutions. I will keep ordering! Thank you Supperworks!
Ashley N.
15:49 20 Mar 19
Friendly and helpful staff! Quality of the meals is excellent.
Mary-Lee P.
14:05 20 Mar 19
Love this place and the food. Makes my life so much easier and gives my family nutritious homemade food. Love not having to do the prep and the variety it gives us for meals.
Ruth C.
02:06 20 Mar 19
Supperworks makes meal planning and prep for my family so much easier and stress-free! I also love the fact that meals are kid-friendly and can also be customized to suit dietary preferences.
Jason S.
21:58 19 Mar 19
Super convenient. Very helpful. Fun!
Susan C.
15:52 19 Mar 19
Always Fresh, Tasty and the place is spotless. They are very helpful.
Nadine B
15:12 19 Mar 19
Great way to add variety to your meals. Supperworks offers many recipe options that are easy to put together and cook. No preservatives - it’s all fresh. And it’s great value for money.
Kelly S.
13:25 19 Mar 19
Friendly staff, great atmosphere and healthy food!
Erin S.
12:25 19 Mar 19
This place is fantastic! I feel like a culinary rock star having gourmet meals made at home in 20 minutes! You can get the meals delivered to your home, pick them up at the location, or save some money and prepare them yourself on site. Ditch the takeout and make fast, easy, delicious meals at home!
Michelle D.
01:03 19 Mar 19
Supperworks has saved our mealtimes! We have seriously reduced take out. We are a family of 3 so we pay for split meals. Worth it! Twice the meals.
Dan J.
14:05 17 Mar 19
Great service, friendly people, my food is always very good and always ready when they say it will be.
Katherine M.
23:42 12 Mar 19
As a really busy Mom balancing 2 jobs. SupperWorks has been a Godsend for me!! The atmosphere is so warm and welcoming and I always look forward to coming to prepare my meals. Lotsof variety, great taste and Sherry makes me feel like family!Katherine McKeown
Tom M.
19:33 12 Mar 19
I have been a client of Supperworks Etobicoke for more than 5 years and it is amazing. It feels more like a neighbourhood cafe than a meal preparation venue. Sherry and her team make you feel like you are in their home and the time seems to fly by. Great food...great atmosphere...really nice people.
Cameron B.
18:49 12 Mar 19
SupperWorks is fantastic, great food and very convenient! The meals all taste great and I save money and time. The staff at this location are absolutely amazing, very friendly and helpful! I would recommend this supperworks to anyone looking to make some delicious meals and have fun doing it!
Mark T.
13:04 10 Mar 19
As an organizational psychologist I design and conduct management team off-sites. One aspect of these sessions is the development of the team. One activity I have found very useful to this end is to have members pair up and prepare different aspects of a shared dinner together. I have used Supperworks meals as the main stay of this activity. Members love the food and its easy ability to create very tasty dishes for each other. Couldn't do it without Supperworks
Alixanderia C.
20:26 09 Mar 19
Easy, delicious, and super clean.
Kelly B.
02:14 07 Mar 19
I love to go here. Every visit to assemble my meals you see other regulars. The staff knows their customers very well. It is extremely clean and efficient. The biggest plus is the meals are AMAZING!!! I went to give it a try and have re-booked the last two months. I plan to keep it up. It is amazing to have different well balanced meals through out the month. Give it a try and you wont be disappointed.
M B.
00:16 07 Mar 19
Love this place! I would starve without it. Would recommend to anyone . Give it a try!
Andrew P.
21:51 06 Mar 19
I have been a customer of Ancaster Supperworks for 7 years. The recipes are delicious, the food is fresh and is of the highest quality. Stacey sets the standard for both cleanliness and customer service. If you are considering a meal planning/preparation service, Ancaster Supperworks is the one to beat!!
Gravitate Travel T.
20:44 05 Mar 19
I can recommend SupperWorks Leaside enough. There food is fresh, store is organized, staff is always welcoming when we walk in and the variety of types of food satisfies our varied food palets. One of my favorites is the Ginger Beef and the Cheese Squares (great for parties). SupperWorks To Go is also helpful when your heading up to the cottage, stop by and pick up some frozen meals and take them with you, it's that easy.
Mahshid S.
13:42 05 Mar 19
It is supper delicious with no addetives! Easy to be prepared and good for busy people. Try it! You won’t forget.
Jocelyn M.
18:18 03 Mar 19
Supperworks is my lifesaver! Supperworks helps to feed my family on our busy nights in a timely and healthy way. Highly recommend.
Kaysha Jeff S.
02:32 02 Mar 19
Have had many meals that are loved by the whole family. We especially love the almost monthly burritos, great for lunches for the kids or quick suppers. Or the pastas are super delish...can’t decide if the creamy dreamy Cajun or pasta Florentine is the favorite. And the summer flat irons are always perfect. Locally run, employs locally, no chopping or prepping at home. Just thaw and cook.
Duncan M.
23:48 01 Mar 19
Superb food & time saving. I would highly recommend.
Lindy O.
21:34 28 Feb 19
Always enjoy going to prepare my meals but especially like that I can take my teenager now and have him help me do the work!! Making meals and building confidence at the same time!
Lindsay K.
17:05 27 Feb 19
Supperworks meals have made dinner time so much easier and give me more time for all the Things. It is healthier than eating out, I get to try new dishes I wouldn’t think of making and I’m invested in eating healthy food so this is a no-brainer. The best part is there is no complicated prep or waste. It’s as easy as heating something on the stove!
Qiot R.
18:36 24 Feb 19
Recognizing that you are paying for convenience, SupperWorks is great! Staff are super friendly. They will spend time to walk you through how things work. Order on-line, pick up or delivery or just drop in and see what they have available. Have to admit, not every dish was to our liking but that's personal preference. Lots of choices and variety, simple instructions right on the packages, and no prep necessary. Our kids ate most of the main dishes and proportions were more than enough for a family of four. Sorry, only remembered to take one picture last minute. Cost is cheaper than going out for a dinner at a restaurant, or about the same for fast food, but its way healthier. The only down side is needing plenty of freezer space to store everything. If you're tired of going out to eat and have nothing planned at home for dinner, this is worth a try.
compilation K.
19:24 23 Feb 19
Another monthly freezer stocking! Great staff and value for your money!
Tami T.
16:09 23 Feb 19
Pleasant helpful staff. Fresh food and ample quantities available. Enjoyed our visit!
Collette V.
15:53 23 Feb 19
Excellent staff, a great way to meal prep amazing dishes. New choices every month.
Petra B.
00:16 21 Feb 19
Delicious recipes with local flavours; but above all the crew at Nepean Supperworks are AMAZING. Supperworks keeps me and my family organized with nutritious meals. Thank you!
Paula J.
17:50 29 Jan 19
SupperWorks is great, I especially like their To Go location where they have a great selection of ready to cook meals (for dinner tonight) and frozen meals (for dinner tomorrow night!). I can pop in and out in a matter of minutes without the hassle and line ups of a big busy grocery store. No measuring, no cutting or’s perfect for my busy lifestyle. The staff are great too, always happy to see me and able to answer questions about the different meals.
Nicole L.
17:24 26 Jan 19
SupperWorka Leaside has great menu options and has been a great cooking learning experience for my 16yr old son. He continues to bring his friends to enjoy the experience.
Valeri Hall L.
23:56 24 Jan 19
Another great evening at SupperWorks Leaside. This is THE place to come to make healthy delicious meals that are So easy to prepare. This is my favorite meal prep place. I highly recommend giving it a try.
Julie C.
02:06 17 Jan 19
I just complete my 108 meal prep it this location, so YES I really love it! The staff (lovely ladies) are all super helpful and keep me organized when I need it so it.
Rebecca D.
15:46 05 Jan 19
Great place, easy way to prepare whole meals to feed the whole family, friendly staff and no mess to clean up! Love it!
Jennifer W.
23:32 22 Dec 18
I have been using Supperworks Newmarket since I went back to school in 2010. They are amazing. I could go in and make 6 or 7 meals to help me still cook healthy meals for my family while I was busy studying. We have always ordered their Thanksgiving and Christmas meals as they are delicious. I have never been a good cook but they make me seem like I am! Since we moved to Barrie we still make the drive to Newmarket to grab our holiday meals, Michelle is amazing at accomodating my husband's allergy. She truly goes out of her way. It's worth the drive to Supperworks Newmarket!
Kim C.
16:33 22 Dec 18
Love this concept. Fun with my 12 year old daughter too!
Ana S.
03:59 20 Dec 18
As someone who doesn't like to cook, I'm grateful companies like SupperWorks exist. They do the hardest (and messiest) part of the job, for not much more than the cost of the ingredients.
Marni G.
01:48 20 Dec 18
Awesome meals again from Supperworks...yum yum!!!
Vanessa G.
01:45 20 Dec 18
Had a great time making fantastic food! Can’t wait to come again
Chris O.
20:34 19 Dec 18
Love this place. Always great tasting and awesome meat. Perfect for busy families like us.
Aiden Y.
16:09 08 Dec 18
I come for bring ur kids and it is fun and they have pretty good hot chocolate mm
23:10 04 Dec 18
Great food, prepared meals made our life easier durning a family situation.
Tom D.
15:37 28 Nov 18
We love coming to SupperWorks. It is a great way to get some good nutritional meals and introduce some variety into your meal planning. The staff are always friendly and the preparation is fun. The food products are always a good quality and we are rarely disappointed with a meal we prepare here.
Joel P.
23:45 22 Nov 18
I've been coming to SupperWorks Leaside for almost two years and absolutely love it! The staff is friendly, everything is clean and maintained, and the experience is always great. Can't recommend SupperWorks (especially Leaside!) enough.
Heather W.
21:35 21 Nov 18
I have been going to the Supperworks Leaside location for a couple of years now and it has definitely improved my family’s mealtimes. We all enjoy the many choices that Supperworks has given us... whether it be a beautifully herbed pork tenderloin, a beef stew, or deliciously spiced flatirons, creamy dilly chicken, or one of the fast and easy pasta dishes, with or without meat, or one of the many veggie options. My sons may start coming with me so they can continue the tradition when they move out!
Karen L.
01:50 20 Nov 18
Have been going for over a year and look forward to it each month. Makes meal planning so much easier! Meals delicious and healthy.
Jennifer C.
16:45 17 Nov 18
I have been coming to Supperworks Nepean for several years and I love it! The staff are so helpful and courteous, and the prepped meals makes my life so much easier. I have recommended Supperworks to many friends!
999K V.
12:37 13 Nov 18
The meals are always delicious and easy to prepare, especially with the pick-up option. I love knowing that during especially busy periods, I have a convenient and affordable option for providing healthy, home-cooked dinners for my family.
Pauline B.
22:38 10 Nov 18
Staff are friendly and helpful. When I've done an order for pickup it's always been well-prepared and packaged. Food is tasty and I enjoy not having to shop, clean up, etc.
Tracey B.
13:40 10 Nov 18
SupperWorks helps me eat better, save money and save time on meal prep which is key given my hectic schedule. Sherry and Connie are fantastic and it is a very welcoming place to go every month. Thanks ladies!
Lyne P.
23:17 08 Nov 18
The staff is amazing and very helpful, and the food is deliciously fantastic! Me and my daughter love coming here together every month to prepare nutritious and healthy meals!
Paulette J.
13:12 03 Nov 18
Convenient, clean and always delicious. Stacey and staff are always friendly and oh so helpful. Ancaster Supperworks is a life saver.
Danny S.
16:49 01 Nov 18
SupperWorks is great, especially in today's fast pace world. Susan is awesome to deal with .
Ali K
14:21 01 Nov 18
Great food, great selections. I highly recommend supperworks.
Ece S.
23:51 31 Oct 18
Leaside location is great. I’m a vegan and I can always find a good selection of meals to take home. Warm and welcoming staff, fresh ingredients, sparkling cleanliness.
anna F.
19:32 31 Oct 18
My son has been attending this supper works for years! He truly loves it! The staff and food are excellent!
Martine B.
12:18 30 Oct 18
I love that you have the option to meal prep yourself or to have it made for pick up or delivery. There are always plenty choices to choose from; and the flavors are wonderful. A must try!
Heather O.
00:42 29 Oct 18
It is so nice to be able to prepare delicious meals that everyone loves to eat, knowing they are made from fresh ingredients and are healthy too.
Jack H.
00:58 25 Oct 18
Fabulous food. Staff are always very friendly and helpful.Gift certificates make great gifts.
Carol U
21:14 24 Oct 18
Great food! Great convenience! Great staff! Supperworks Leaside is spotless. The staff are topnotch. The food is delicious, and it is so convenient to have meals prepped and in the freezer for those busy nights in our life.
Al N.
20:19 24 Oct 18
Super friendly staff, delicious meals! Always a great date night!
Nadia F.
17:28 24 Oct 18
Just started using SupperWorks and I have re-booked a cooking time! Clean place, easy instructions, healthy ingredients. I can barely cook, but this I can do! So nice having healthy stuff in the freezer to cook for dinner with the family 🙂 Thanks SupperWorks! Nadia
P M.
04:42 24 Oct 18
Great staff. Very friendly and helpfull. Quality meats, well trimmed so no waste. The vegetables are all fresh and of a good quality. Would recommend Supperworks Etobicoke to anyone interested quality dinners that are easy to prepare and very tasty
Andrea P.
02:36 24 Oct 18
I have been ordering SupperWorks meals from the Etobicoke location for over a year now. The meals are very tasty and easy to prepare.
Marva C.
21:20 22 Oct 18
I have been coming to Supperworks for 8 years. After my husband passed, I hated shopping & cooking for myself. Thanks to Supperworks, I now eat healthy food & always have something in my freezer if company comes.
gale T.
17:53 20 Oct 18
Had a fun time with my daughter!!! Choice were great and easy to put together. Pretty sure we"ll be back soon.
Victoria T.
17:46 20 Oct 18
Great place! Went with my mom to prepare meals for our men at home. The staff was friendly and helpful, awnsered all our questions without a problem. Clean spaces as well which is very important when cooking. It was easy and went by quickly! I deffinatly will be coming back as soon as I can!
Catherine G.
14:11 20 Oct 18
It’s fun, the staff is always helpful & the music is great!!
Denise G.
22:08 19 Oct 18
I can't say enough good things about the SupperWorks experience. I've been going every month since August 2007! Variety, value, quality, service, can't live without it!
Laura C.
09:59 19 Oct 18
SupperWorks takes the stress out of meal planning. I have tried other programs but this one is the best and one I most recommend. I look forward to my sessions each month. When you have a baby, SupperWorks will do the prep for the first two months. Lots of flexibility in the program - delivery or pick up if you are not going into a session. It’s also great if you are planning a cottage weekend away and don’t feel like cooking. I do 6 meals a month for two of us. Each meal serves 4 people. I will likely increase when I go back to work and as baby grows older.
Ella W.
00:10 19 Oct 18
It's terrific! I really love the varied menus they are all delicious. Our whole family loves the meals and it's a lot of fun to prepare them together there. The staff are awesome and very welcoming. Try it you'll like it!
flel 3.
00:04 19 Oct 18
Amazing place. The food is delicious and very high quality. The atmosphere is relaxed and upscale and the staff are first class!! Highly recommended!!!
Heather S.
20:13 17 Oct 18
Love, love, love this supperworks location! Supperworks offers great, easy, new meal ideas (that actually taste good), and the staff are super friendly and helpful. There is no better way to refresh your mealtime!
Émilie L.
16:17 17 Oct 18
Je vais chez Supperworks depuis 4 ans. Pas de vaisselle à faire, pas de légumes à couper et on quitte avec des recettes variées, concoctées avec des aliments frais. Les enfants aiment les recettes et adorent venir m'aider lors des moments "bring a child ". Je le recommande fortement.
Renée B.
17:04 16 Oct 18
Supperworks is a great time saver! Everything is well organized and ready for us when we arrive. The food is amazing! Staff is lovely!
Erin B.
23:36 15 Oct 18
I recently went to SupperWorks Nepean for the first time and I loved it! It was so fun making my meals and the staff were super friendly and helpful for this first timer. We have eaten about half the meals I made and we loved them all, even my picky son has tried at least a part of each meal. I plan on going again very soon as it is a real time saver for our busy family.
Mike S.
15:44 15 Oct 18
I've been going there for several years and absolutely love it. It really takes most of the monotony, work, and stress out of cooking! Nice to see exactly what you're putting in your body, also. You can modify ingredients, spice levels, etc. as you move along. Zero food wastage at home. Friendly staff, clean environment, can't complain!
Melissa L.
02:43 15 Oct 18
Supperworks has been a life saver! With 3 kids, a husband who works long hours, Supperworks has allowed my family to eat healthy and save time figuring out what to have for dinner each night. So grateful to have this meal service available!
Linda D.
23:26 14 Oct 18
Love supper works and love the staff at the Nepean Location. My husband cannot eat Gluten and there is always a work around so it has not been a problem. Each meal which is supposed to feed four gives us two full meals and one extra set of left overs for someones lunch. Makes meal planning during the school year so much easier.
Janice Y
20:15 14 Oct 18
I've been coming since my first child was born in 2005. Another child later, I still keep coming back to Supper Works about once a quarter to prepare ahead meals for the "fright nights" in the week with our hectic family schedule. It's been great!
Karen S.
19:03 14 Oct 18
Great location and always helpful and accommodating staff that work there! Makes my planning for family dinners a lot easier!
Orly R.
16:24 14 Oct 18
Been going for years! Great food and helps keep a busy family going!
Leda G.
13:50 14 Oct 18
Fast, convenient, great food, and super clean! Family loves it!
Maureen G.
13:10 14 Oct 18
A convenient and enjoyable way to prepare nutritious meals. Staff are friendly and helpful and make it very easy.
Michelle H.
11:24 14 Oct 18
I’ve been going for two year. Supperworks saves me so much time in the kicthen and money/time on groceries. I’ve tried the other meal delivery services and they were way more work and expensive. I also enjoy the night out to prep and drink a glass of wine in peace
Alina F.
11:23 14 Oct 18
They always go above and beyond to help make it a good experience. Food is so delicious and easy to prepare. Since I started coming I haven’t missed a month!
Mary M.
00:24 14 Oct 18
I am a long-standing customer at Supperworks-Leaside and look forward to my monthly experience, preparing delicious and creative food options that I freeze and then pull out as I need them. So delicious, so easy, such variety, great quality! And the staff are helpful and attentive. Thank you Supperworks-Leaside for making my life more yummy! PS> love that they have a storefront venue with longer hours as well, to pick up already prepared entrees and sides!
Carla J.
00:20 14 Oct 18
Have been going here for more than two years and the staff here is super friendly. Great way to make fresh, nutritious meals.
Kim H.
00:05 14 Oct 18
I've been making meals for years at Supperworks and the quality continues to be excellent, as well as delicious!
Megan S.
23:06 13 Oct 18
Amazing service with knowledgeable and friendly staff. The food quality is very fresh and tastes great - we can our picky toddler to eat most meals :)Megan S
Robert M.
22:33 13 Oct 18
Very Friendly Staff & Great Food! Will Defenitely Come Back!
Steph V
20:28 13 Oct 18
Love the staff. The place is clean as a whistle and the food is amazing!
Renata B.
19:02 13 Oct 18
Really efficient and friendly service of truly good quality products! Thank you!!
Joan B.
18:54 13 Oct 18
Have been coming here since Beach location closed. Excellent menu selection. Split meals are great for 2.
Milestones G.
18:48 13 Oct 18
With my busy schedule, it was difficult to prepare home cooked meals. After I started using Supperworks, home cooked meals are simple and delicious again. Most on the table in 15 to 30 minutes. Clean up is a breeze too. Thank you Supperworks! Your friendly staff, well-organized prep kitchen, and delicious recipes make dinnertime a pleasure again.
Ann G.
18:44 13 Oct 18
Sherry is an absolute delight! This was our first experience prepping our meals in-store and we absolutely loved it! And the best part- cooking the meals at home is easy peasy! Making life easy peasy!! Thank you Sherry! From Danny, Ann and Murphy!!
Elaine M.
17:59 13 Oct 18
Owner and staff ar the Kanata location are friendly, helpful and most accommodating even when you forget to show up for the scheduled time! Have been using their for approximately 11 years and it is highly recommended.
Cheryl F.
17:40 13 Oct 18
Supperworks literally has changed our lives. My husband works late and when I get home from work u just don't have enough time to prepare dinner for the girls and run to their extra curricular activities. One hour of time once a month prepare all my weeknight meals for a month. This particular location has friendly staff and clean facilities. Highly recommended!!!
Andrea A
17:38 13 Oct 18
Definitely a time saver on working nights. Decent vegetarian options available
Jenn K.
17:30 13 Oct 18
Love going here! The food is delicious and healthy; a lot of options to choose from. It gives us easy meal choices after a long work day. We treat it as date night when we go because we have fun when we go to prep.
Marcia E.
17:12 13 Oct 18
I love the Nepean Supperworks location! The staff is so friendly & well organized.
Noel C.
13:16 11 Oct 18
Tried SupperWorks for the first time a couple of weeks back. The food was of the highest quality and the service was second to none. Would highly recommend to anyone 10/10
Matt C.
22:53 10 Oct 18
Supperworks is a great way to ensure that we've always got delicious, healthy meals ready to go. The staff here is fantastic too! We've been a happy Supperworks family for over 3 years now and couldn't imagine going back to a last-minute scramble for dinner ideas or greasy and expensive fast food.
18:55 08 Oct 18
Stacey and the entire crew at the Ancaster SupperWorks make meal planning enjoyable and such a breeze. In less than two hours, I can prepare 12 dinners, made with fresh wholesome ingredients. Lots of healthy choices, portioned appropriately with no waste. What's not to love. Everyone should try SupperWorks.
Marcy Z.
19:25 06 Oct 18
Peter and myself have been coming to Supperworks every month for the last 5 years and have enjoyed the quick and easiness of the meals . The meat has a wonderful taste you can't buy at the grocery store. It has has made our busy lives much easier and we always know what we are going to have for dinner... Thanks Stacey for many years of no stress..Marcy😺😺
Freda L.
15:27 06 Oct 18
Great clean location. Very helpful staff. Very easy and convenient!
Chantal A.
12:28 06 Oct 18
Love this place. I love the food and convenience. Highly recommend.
Dunia C.
16:32 05 Oct 18
I’ve been going to SupperWorks for over 12 years, I’m actually not sure how long it’s been but, that’s a testament to how much I love coming here!If you are single or have a family, there’s a variety of delicious, healthy dishes to select from, and it’s easy to modify or add an ingredient at home. They do all the prep work for you and can even deliver. They come out with new meals and of course bring back your old favourites!Alison and her team are awesome...Try them today!
Nancy B.
20:45 03 Oct 18
Excellent meals!
Bertha R.
16:32 30 Sep 18
I have been coming every month to visit Stacey for 7 years. Stacey and her staff are organized, friendly and tea is always ready. I love that my grocery shopping time has been cut in half. I love that I can try new ingredients without over-purchasing only to find that I do not like the ingredient and have wasted money and storage space. I love that Stacey and her staff shop for me. I love that Stacey and her staff clean, chop and dice the ingredients. I love that Stacey and her staff clean up after me...I'm a very messy cook. I love that I can prepare a month of healthy meals for my family in under 2 hours. I love that when I come home from work it only takes me 45 minutes at the most, sometimes only 20 minutes, to cook the chosen meal with very little clean up. I can't say it enough......I LOVE Supperworks in Ancaster.
Diane M.
14:00 30 Sep 18
Always enjoy my visits to Supperworks Leaside. Happy staff welcome you to a spotless workspace. Want a glass of wine? They oblige. Prefer an herbal tea? They have you covered. And within an hour, by following clear instructions, you will have assembled delicious meals from fresh ingredients. Ever need help? All the staff are ready to oblige. Special shout out to Ingrid, with her contagious smile.
Jennifer C.
01:24 30 Sep 18
My family and I love Supperworks Nepean! We just started going regularly this summer but my kids love helping to prepare the meals at the store and I love that all of the groceries, prep work and clean up are not done by me! A great investment! The staff are very helpful and they make sure your Supperworks experience is positive.
19:38 28 Sep 18
SupperWorks is a lifesaver for those busy families who don’t have time to think about, shop for and prepare healthy, delicious home made meals. The staff made me feel comfortable during my first visit, were helpful and extremely friendly. The store is also kept very clean and sanitary. There is always a nice variety of food selection each month, and the best part...they do all the dishes for you! Highly recomend!
Carol L.
01:51 28 Sep 18
Always a great experience at the Leaside location. The staff are friendly and it’s such a relief that I once again have some delicious options in my freezer.
G S.
00:48 27 Sep 18
Love this place. Stacey is great and so accommodating. Thank you for always being so helpful and amazing to your clients.
Edwin Van D.
00:15 27 Sep 18
Great experience 👍🏻😃, helpful staff that guide on how it works. We prepared 7 meals 🥘 🍔🥩 can’t wait to eat our preparations.It is easy to follow because the provide a checklist/ steps to follow. ✅See you next time!
Stephen N.
17:28 26 Sep 18
I love the meal selection and how it changes every month. I always look forward to the supperworks meals. It makes prepping and cooking so much easier. The Newmarket supperworks staff is fantastic!
Leslie B
17:23 26 Sep 18
The food selection is amazing and you will try so many things! It’s changed the way we eat. Michelle and the staff are helpful and knowledgable. Supperworks Newmarket is clean, friendly and well organized.
Jennifer T.
16:12 25 Sep 18
I have been coming from Uxbridge to Susan’s SupperWorks Leaside location for years. I love the staff and the level of service they provide, the meals are simply delicious, and the entire experience is delightful. I look forward to my visits for weeks in advance, knowing I’ll be pampered while in the store, and leave with scrumptious food for my entire family.
Anje M.
11:24 25 Sep 18
We enjoy eating SupperWorks meals -my family love making meals -stations are always clean and friendly helpful staff to assist-we get to use spices and herbs that we don’t normally have at home. We love SupperWorks!!
Jennifer M.
18:26 23 Sep 18
I’ve been going to the Nepean location for almost a year now. The staff is always friendly and helpful. The convenience of having all the recipes in front of you and the food prepped so it’s aseasy as 1-2-3 makes my dinner planning and preparation so easy. With two boys in activities it’s easy to make healthy choices as opposed to choosing quick fast food. My picky eater is no longer picky and has tried and liked all the recipes.
Sue S.
18:23 23 Sep 18
I've been going monthly to Supperworks in Newmarket since 2008. I love the convenience. I spend an hour and a half on a Friday morning and I come home with twelve healthy dinners for my husband and I. It doesn't get much easier than that.
Jeanine C.
14:41 23 Sep 18
I have been using Supperworks for almost 10 years now. Great recipes! I love how you can make all these dishes in under 2 hours. So convenient, easy to cook and healthy. The staff at the Etobicoke location are so friendly and helpful. Highly recommend.
Daniel K.
13:54 22 Sep 18
My family and I recently went away for a day trip to the beach. Since it was such a beautiful day we stayed longer than we had planned and therefore didn’t arrive home until after dinner. We have three young children with healthy appetites who don’t like to be kept waiting to eat! Luckily I had popped in to Supperworks To Go a few days earlier and stocked my freezer with some healthy meals. The items were all individually packaged and filled with tasty and nutritious meals. It only took a few minutes to prepare! Thank you Susan for having such tasty and kid-friendly choices. I will be making another visit Supperworks very soon. Sincerely, Daniel Kanner
Bridget M